Nursing History...A Glimpse

In 1906, Iloilo Mission Hospital started its school of nursing which is called Iloilo Mission Hospital Training School for Nurses, the first nursing school in the Philippines. The first trained nurses graduated from this school in 1909.

The first board examination was done on June 1920 in Manila.

Anna Dahlgen was the first board top notcher having a rating of 93.5%

The first law affecting nursing practice in the Philippine sis Act 2493 of 1915

Act No. 2808 was the first Nursing Law

The first college of nursing in the Philippines is University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing

Nurses' Week is celebrated every last week of October since 1958 after Pres. Carlos P. Garcia's Proclamation 539

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December 2009 Nursing board Exam

This coming December 2009, thousands of nurses will take the Nurses Licensure Examination to have their ever dreamed License. I don't know what the exact date is but most probably it will be the 1st and 2nd day of December.

I'm sure many nursing students is having their reviews as early as now. They are spending and focusing their time reviewing the previous topics learned from the four year course. Most of all, they are praying to the Almighty to grant them the license they deserve to have.

Well guys, I wish you all the luck in this upcoming Board Examination. This is really is it. If you haven't start your review, It's never too late. You still have two months to go over your notes and understand each concept well. Always remember that it is not luck that will make you pass, it is the knowledge you have learned in school for 4 years and it's your faith in God. Believe that you can do it. Your family and friends are there cheering for you to reach your goal. Have them as inspiration and work hard for your License.

Grab your License in just one shot. You can do it! I made it, many have made it and I am sure you can too! So, keep the faith going!

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June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results

32,617 out of 77,901 passed the June 2009 Licensure Examination with a national passing rate of 41.87%.

1. Golda Manto Yap,
Felipe R. Verallo Memorial Foundation --- 86.80%

2. Ronie Rose Capati Arevalo, Adamson University — 86.40%

3. Michelle Alejandro Barberan, Arellano University-Manila — 86.20%

4. Caroline May Rellosa Chamen, Philippine College of Health & Sciences — 86.00%
Clarissa Leonor Tible Escober, Naga College Foundation — 86.00%

5. Marco Magtulis Dometita, University of Santo Tomas — 85.80%
Margaret Cheung Encarnacion, University of Santo Tomas— 85.80%
Marc Bago-Od Marzan,University of Santo Tomas— 85.80%
Lalaine Lim Perlas, Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela — 85.80%
Debbie Rose Uy Tanengsy, Velez College — 85.80%

6. Lisa Angelica Vela Evangelista, University of Santo Tomas — 85.60%

7. Adrian Patrick Patawaran Calimag, University of Santo Tomas — 85.20%
Jed Asiaii Mariano Dimaisip, University of the Philippines-Manila — 85.20%
Aaron Miranda Esporlas, University of Santo Tomas — 85.20%

8. Mary Joy Sarreal Crisostomo, University of Santo Tomas — 85.00%
David John Gabriel Egbalic Cristobal, University of Santo Tomas 85.00%
Libby Joy Recinto Evangelista, University of Santo Tomas— 85.00%
Ma Paula Rhove Rivera Ortega, University of the Philippines-Manila — 85.00%
Andrew Chua Tiu, Velez College — 85.00%
Ginelle Marie Galarpe Visaya,University of Santo Tomas — 85.00%

9. Helene Marie Mejorada Calderon, University of Santo Tomas — 84.80%
Abigail Ann Borromeo Candelario, University of Santo Tomas 84.80%
Jan Benzon Tan Chan, University of Santo Tomas — 84.80%
Anna Melissa Señga Lo, University of Santo Tomas 84.80%
Jernedell Geishar Tabugara Mabiling, Western Mindanao State University — 84.80%
Von Vener Palicpic Miguel, Perpetual Help College of Manila — 84.80%
Johanna Thomas Yu, University of Santo Tomas 84.80%

10. Angela Carmela Fernandez Agbay, University of Santo Tomas — 84.60%
Pheelyp Edward Cruz Aytona, University of Santo Tomas 84.60%
Julienne Katrina Bulaon Beltran, University of Santo Tomas — 84.60%
Maria Rosario Angala Brillante, University of Santo Tomas 84.60%
Jasper Quintana Castillo, University of Santo Tomas — 84.60%
Diane Rachelle Cruz Crisostomo, Centro Escolar University-Malolos — 84.60%
Jose Mari Niño Leonor Cuarto, University of Santo Tomas — 84.60%
Salvador Isidro Buban Destura, Immaculate Conception College-Albay — 84.60%
Abigail Joanna Uy Doluntap, University of Santo Tomas– 84.60%
Rove Ann Tonolete Enguerra, Trinity University of Asia (Trinity-QC) — 84.60%
Jana Flores Fragante, University of Santo Tomas 84.60%
Jan Igor Temple Galinato, Mindanao State University-Marawi City — 84.60%
Divina Viktoria Pobre La Torre, University of Santo Tomas — 84.60%
Vanessarose Delavin Lim, Far Eastern University-Manila — 84.60%
Rachel Rañola Milante, University of Santo Tomas — 84.60%
Loraine Ab-Abaen Payangdo, Benguet State University-La Trinidad — 84.60%
Kristine Arcilla Ramos, Catanduanes State Colleges-Virac — 84.60%
Robert Joe Isip Sagum, Far Eastern University-Manila — 84.60%
Ingrid Buela San Juan, University of the Philippines-Manila — 84.60%
Christelle Miracle-An Quizon Santiago, University of Santo Tomas 84.60%
Jian Laurice Ramos Sicat, Angeles University Foundation — 84.60%
Miriem Paulle Beltran Soriano, Saint Louis University — 84.60%
Teddy Jr Chan Untalasco, Lorma College — 84.60%

There are many nurses from University of Santo Tomas who made it to the Top 10. Congratulations nurses! You made it to the top!

June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results


My Career

I have made blogs before but it was just this time that I will be making a blog about my profession. Yes, I am a nurse by profession. I took the Nurse Licensure Examination on June 2008 just after the graduation in March. I had spent more than a month to prepare by having my review at Baguio. It was more of a fun time than a learning experience :)

I saw my name on the list of the newly Registered nurses before the end of July. I was very happy then. It was a wish come true which I never expected. It's one of the happiest moments in my life because I made my parents proud.

I decided to make this blog because I want to reminisce my memories in my school days as well as share my experiences with my colleagues and friends. I will also be including updates and must see news here about the profession as well as results on the upcoming Nurse Licensure Examination.

I don't know why I haven't decided to start up a blog like this before. It was just this time that I have created a blog about it. Well, it's never too late. I have worked as a volunteer nurse for about 4 months last year but after that, I just preferred to stay at home and continue working online as a writer, blogger and poster. I have used my knowledge in nursing in one way or another to writing. Writing is my new love although I am not forgetting the profession I once loved and dreamed.

Now, I am not looking into being a nurse someday. It seems that opportunity is not coming on my way. So, I made a decision to continue what I am doing and loving it more. I don't know what will happen next. There's no assurance that I will be full time in writing or be back to nursing. One thing's for sure, I will always choose what makes me happy and what would me bring me close to my loved ones.

May this blog be a portal of ideas by fellow nurses who are either in the profession right now or had decided to be in other field just like what I did. Your opinions regarding my posts are highly appreciated. Nursing will always be a part of me and that won't change.