From Nursing to Blogging

I am a frustrated writer. During my high school days, I had started loving poetry. I wrote poems and it makes me happy doing it. I am inspired by the books and magazines I've read hoping that someday I would be a writer seeing my name in a published material. When I entered college, I took up nursing, graduated and became a nurse professionally. I thought then that maybe, I was destined to be a nurse and not a writer. After passing the board examination, I engaged my self in trainings and seminars to be more knowledgeable and skilled in my profession. But then, I find it hard to find a job at once even having good credentials. One day, someone held a training on blogging, it was an informal training. I really got interested and was very hopeful of that opportunity. Also, that person offered me If I could write. I am not that good in English but I know basic grammar. I accepted his offer and I started being one of his writers. At first, It really wasn't easy. It took me time to think what to write because I wanted to give my best. Later on, the job became easier for me and I've loved it as well. It was like a part time job as I am only spending few hours daily and I would say the compensation is good too. I am earning much more than a regular employee does, staying at home and having more time with my family.

After almost two years, I felt exhausted and wanted to try new things. I said to myself I would want to work at an office, wearing a corporate attire and having a boss. So, I packed my things, went to the city and sought for a job. Luckily, I was hired at once. I was very happy. I spend one and a half year working with the company when I realized why did I became an office personnel? Was all those things in college accessories? Won't I be able to use them? Why did I studied for 4 years when in the end I would have no plan being a nurse? I have many questions in mind. One thing I know is sure, I am no longer happy with my job and I want to go home. So, I resigned and tried an opportunity of seeking for a profession-related job, probably international employment. There was an opportunity. I tried and It's something that I really want. Four months later, I received a bad news, there were lots of factors and problems rose regarding that deployment. I was very frustrated and was really depressed. Few days later, I joined a church activity which became a portal in healing my heart and renewing my whole being. I had hopes and plans and I started dreaming again. I am so filled with optimism.

I have just shared you my life for the last three years. I had ups, sides and downs. I faced countless problems, rejections and storms. But still, I am here again. I am back to my first love. I am now doing what I really love and I am loving what I do. Maybe, I was born to be a nurse but I was destined to be into another career. After all, what's important is I am happy with what I'm doing. I am hoping that someday, I will see myself satisfied with what I've pursued. I will never regret doing this decision and someday, I would earn and save for travel vacation in Europe, one of my dreams and motivation in taking up nursing.

A Month Left

It is the end of October and there's only a month left for all aspiring nurses out there. One month is left to review. One month is left to cram. One month is left to rush. One month is left to equip. One month is left to prepare one's self to the biggest battle of their professional career and that is to pass the December 2009 Nurse Licensure Examination and be included in the newly list of Registered Nurses.

One month and this last month is crucial because based on my experience, the lesser the month before the said exam, the higher the level of anxiety I have. it is like an agony which you neither want to try or finish. It is really a battle between you and yourself. It is a month which will be filled with prayers and hopes as the moment is about to come.

The last month should be devoted to practice tests and drills. This worked for me a lot especially the test taking strategies incase familiar questions arise. In fact, almost half of the questions during my examination last 2008 was unfamiliar to me. So, I guess it pays to know test taking strategies a lot.

One month is left guys. How I wish everyone would make it. As I always say, have faith and be confident. Garb your license! I did it and you can too! Boost your spirits high even just this time, keep that in mind!

Nursing Review Center

Review Center is a help in passing the board examination. I wouldn't say it's a big big help but I wouldn't say it is not a help at all too. For me, enrolling yourself into a review center is like doing a mental exercise everyday which I think is very important for mental comprehension and for easy understanding of concepts. That's my prime purpose why I enrolled myself in a review center after graduation - for mental exercise.

I reviewed into two review centers. I had my critical review on Marlon Ray Labagnoy Center in Baguio City. It was a three week review. MRLRC has great reviewers. I am really impressed with their reviewers such as Dr. Supan and the one who lectured on Pediatrics. i really love them. They always have a live audience because they crack jokes in between. The place is so sleep. The venue is a cinema house. Yes, very conducive but I don't think it's a perfect learning atmosphere because you will easily fall asleep because of the setting - cinema house. I payed for P5,000.00 during the critical review which will be a three week duration. After the critical review, we (me and my classmates) headed to Manila for our final coaching. Our school president decided to enroll the whole group of examinees to a review center which according to him UST staffs were the reviewers. We are with the students of Delos Santos-STI during the review. Many of us complained of the review in Manila. We are expecting of questions and drills during the final coaching but we are set into a typical review center which is into lecture, lecture and lecture.

The Review Center helped me in one way or another. But there's no such question encountered during the reviews which appeared on the test. Not even one. Of the reviewers during the critical review in Baguio told us to write some questions including the answers because according to him, those were the exact things that will appear on the exam. We believed in what he said because of the eagerness to pass, but during the exam, not even one of the questions he said appeared. It was just all lies.

For those who will take the board exam and are planning to be on a review center. I am not discouraging you to go for one. You enroll if you have the budget and if you think that it's best for you compared to self-review. But for those who thinks self review is better for them, then do it. Just have your self-review, just ensure that you have that discipline. For those, who doesn't have the budget, just borrow notes or books from a friend. It doesn't matter if you go for a review center or not. What's important is you study and you are sure that you understand well the concepts because that will pave way for you to pass the tricky examination.

I am not against any review Center but I noticed that many review centers are emerging and that really become a trend. So, be wise in your decisions. You don't have to enroll in a review center to pass. In the end, it's a battle between you and yourself. Make sure you have prepared for the exams by filling your mind with the basic concepts knowing the conditions, procedures and interventions.

Goodluck everyone! Hoping to see you names in the list of newly board exam passers next year!

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