My Career

I have made blogs before but it was just this time that I will be making a blog about my profession. Yes, I am a nurse by profession. I took the Nurse Licensure Examination on June 2008 just after the graduation in March. I had spent more than a month to prepare by having my review at Baguio. It was more of a fun time than a learning experience :)

I saw my name on the list of the newly Registered nurses before the end of July. I was very happy then. It was a wish come true which I never expected. It's one of the happiest moments in my life because I made my parents proud.

I decided to make this blog because I want to reminisce my memories in my school days as well as share my experiences with my colleagues and friends. I will also be including updates and must see news here about the profession as well as results on the upcoming Nurse Licensure Examination.

I don't know why I haven't decided to start up a blog like this before. It was just this time that I have created a blog about it. Well, it's never too late. I have worked as a volunteer nurse for about 4 months last year but after that, I just preferred to stay at home and continue working online as a writer, blogger and poster. I have used my knowledge in nursing in one way or another to writing. Writing is my new love although I am not forgetting the profession I once loved and dreamed.

Now, I am not looking into being a nurse someday. It seems that opportunity is not coming on my way. So, I made a decision to continue what I am doing and loving it more. I don't know what will happen next. There's no assurance that I will be full time in writing or be back to nursing. One thing's for sure, I will always choose what makes me happy and what would me bring me close to my loved ones.

May this blog be a portal of ideas by fellow nurses who are either in the profession right now or had decided to be in other field just like what I did. Your opinions regarding my posts are highly appreciated. Nursing will always be a part of me and that won't change.