From Nursing to Blogging

I am a frustrated writer. During my high school days, I had started loving poetry. I wrote poems and it makes me happy doing it. I am inspired by the books and magazines I've read hoping that someday I would be a writer seeing my name in a published material. When I entered college, I took up nursing, graduated and became a nurse professionally. I thought then that maybe, I was destined to be a nurse and not a writer. After passing the board examination, I engaged my self in trainings and seminars to be more knowledgeable and skilled in my profession. But then, I find it hard to find a job at once even having good credentials. One day, someone held a training on blogging, it was an informal training. I really got interested and was very hopeful of that opportunity. Also, that person offered me If I could write. I am not that good in English but I know basic grammar. I accepted his offer and I started being one of his writers. At first, It really wasn't easy. It took me time to think what to write because I wanted to give my best. Later on, the job became easier for me and I've loved it as well. It was like a part time job as I am only spending few hours daily and I would say the compensation is good too. I am earning much more than a regular employee does, staying at home and having more time with my family.

After almost two years, I felt exhausted and wanted to try new things. I said to myself I would want to work at an office, wearing a corporate attire and having a boss. So, I packed my things, went to the city and sought for a job. Luckily, I was hired at once. I was very happy. I spend one and a half year working with the company when I realized why did I became an office personnel? Was all those things in college accessories? Won't I be able to use them? Why did I studied for 4 years when in the end I would have no plan being a nurse? I have many questions in mind. One thing I know is sure, I am no longer happy with my job and I want to go home. So, I resigned and tried an opportunity of seeking for a profession-related job, probably international employment. There was an opportunity. I tried and It's something that I really want. Four months later, I received a bad news, there were lots of factors and problems rose regarding that deployment. I was very frustrated and was really depressed. Few days later, I joined a church activity which became a portal in healing my heart and renewing my whole being. I had hopes and plans and I started dreaming again. I am so filled with optimism.

I have just shared you my life for the last three years. I had ups, sides and downs. I faced countless problems, rejections and storms. But still, I am here again. I am back to my first love. I am now doing what I really love and I am loving what I do. Maybe, I was born to be a nurse but I was destined to be into another career. After all, what's important is I am happy with what I'm doing. I am hoping that someday, I will see myself satisfied with what I've pursued. I will never regret doing this decision and someday, I would earn and save for travel vacation in Europe, one of my dreams and motivation in taking up nursing.