A Month Left

It is the end of October and there's only a month left for all aspiring nurses out there. One month is left to review. One month is left to cram. One month is left to rush. One month is left to equip. One month is left to prepare one's self to the biggest battle of their professional career and that is to pass the December 2009 Nurse Licensure Examination and be included in the newly list of Registered Nurses.

One month and this last month is crucial because based on my experience, the lesser the month before the said exam, the higher the level of anxiety I have. it is like an agony which you neither want to try or finish. It is really a battle between you and yourself. It is a month which will be filled with prayers and hopes as the moment is about to come.

The last month should be devoted to practice tests and drills. This worked for me a lot especially the test taking strategies incase familiar questions arise. In fact, almost half of the questions during my examination last 2008 was unfamiliar to me. So, I guess it pays to know test taking strategies a lot.

One month is left guys. How I wish everyone would make it. As I always say, have faith and be confident. Garb your license! I did it and you can too! Boost your spirits high even just this time, keep that in mind!